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Featured: Martinis

Anti Freeze Martini
Apple Martini (1)
Apple Martini (2)
Apple Martini (3)
Apple Martini (4)
Banana Split Martini
Blue On Blue Martini
Broadway Martini
Bubbly Martini
Buckeye Martini
California Martini
Campari Martini
Cherry Martini
Chocolate Martini
Christmas Martini
Church Lady Martini
Classic Martini
Dirty Gin Martini
Emerald Martini
Golden Drop Martini
James Bond Martini
Kentucky Martini
Martini Dry
Martini Extra Dry
Martini Extra Extra Dry
Martini Medium
Martini Sweet
Mocha Martini
Monks Martini
Paisley Martini
Raspberry Martini
Rogue Martini
Rum Martini
Sweet Martini
Tequila Martini
Tropical Martini
Vodka Martini
BarBug's MARTINIS Cocktail Recipes

BarBug Straight Up: Cocktail glasses are also sometimes referred to as martini glasses. They are traditionally used for a chilled cocktail in which a stemmed glass allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink.

Print Custom Recipe Books of all the Martinis recipes or all the drinks you can make with your on-hand spirits & mixers, or print recipe books using all of your favorite ingredients.

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Tell me what you've got and I'll tell you what you can make!
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