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Featured: Hurricane Glass

All Night Long
Amaretto Freeze
Amaretto Sunset
Bacardi Cocktail (2)
Blizzard (2)
Blue Comet
Blue Hawaii (3)
Blue Hawaii (4)
Boardwalk Breeze (2)
Caribbean Screwdriver
Caribbean Sunset
Chocolate Orgasm
Dreamsicle (2)
Horny Bull
Jamaican Hurricane
Kahlua Polar Bear
Mai Tai (3)
Mont Blanc
Puerto Rican Punch
Pumpkin Eater
Rockin Hurricane
Southern Slide
Tahiti Club (2)
Tahitian Tea
Wiki Waki Woo
Wild Sex
Windy Beach
Yellow Parakeet
30 cocktail recipes use Hurricane glass
BarBug's Cocktail Recipes

BarBug Straight Up: Hurricane glasses are hurricane lamp shapped glasses generally used to serve Hurricane cocktails.

Print Custom Recipe Books of all the Hurricane Glass recipes or all the drinks you can make with your on-hand spirits & mixers, or print recipe books using all of your favorite ingredients.

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